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Omelette Express
150 Windsor River Road, Windsor, CA
707 838-6920


Sonoma County's best place for breakfast. Full menu of all your breakfast favorites. Enjoy a great breakfast for an affordable price in this local landmark.



Monday - Friday
6:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday
7:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Link to the Omelette Express Website

Omelette Express Menu

Switchman's Combination Omelettes

All Omelettes are available with only egg whites by request. Served with cottage fries and Santa Rosa's fresh baked white or wheat sourdough bread and your choice of jack, Swiss, cheddar, American, Fontina, feta, or cream cheese . No Substitutions.

Bacon,Avocado,Tomato and Cheese
Ham, Onion, Bell Pepper and Cheese
Linguisa, Scallions, Green Clues and Cheese
Ground Sirloin, Spinach, Scallions and Cheese
Sausage, Zucchini, Green Chiles and Cheese
Turkey, Ham, Spinach and Rarebit Sauce
Bacon, Spinach, Herbs, Mushrooms and Cheese
Turkey Sprouts,Avocado and Cheese
Bacon, Spanish Sauce and Cheese
Ham, Scallions, Potatoes and Cheese

Eggs With Baggage
Served with Omelette Express Cottage Fries
and Fresh Baked White or Wheat Sourdough Bread.

One Farm Fresh Eggs cooked to your order
Two Farm Fresh Eggs cooked to your order
Two Farm Fresh Eggs, with choice of bacon, ham or linguisa
Eggs Ranchero — Two Eggs up, topped with Fresh Salsa,
Guacamole, Cheddar Cheese and Sour Cream
Ham or Linguisa Scrambled with Three Eggs
Homemade Corned Beef Hash and Two Eggs
cooked to your order

Switchman's Vegetarian & Seafood Omelettes

Anchovies, Spinach, Scallions and Cheese
Green Chiles, Sour Cream and Cheese
Shrimp,Avocado, Sprouts and Cheese
Spinach, Zucchini, Sour Cream and Cheese
Shrimp, Olives,Tomato and Cheese
Mushrooms, Herbs, Spinach and Cheese
Mushrooms, Bell Pepper, Scallions and Cheese
Spinach, Scallions,Tomato and Cheese
Avocado, Cream Cheese,Tomato and Cheese
Guacamole and Cheese
Fresh Fruit topped with Brown Sugar and Sour Cream
Lox, Cream Cheese and Onion
Cottage Cheese,Tomato, Sprouts and Herbs

Side Tracks
Turkey Sausage
Pork Link Sausage
Premium Ham
Sirloin Burger
Corned Beef Hash
Oatmeal with Brown Sugar
Raisins,Walnuts or Bananas
Cottage Fries
Cottage Fries & Cheese.
Cottage Fries, Cheese & Guacamole
Fresh Fruit cup Topped with Yogurt
Bowl of Fruit Topped with Yogurt
Homemade Soup of the Day
Beef or Vegetarian Chili topped with Cheddar Cheese

Mainline Omelettes

Omelettes include choice of one cheese — additional available— served with cottage fries and Santa Rosa's fresh baked white or wheat sourdough bread. All Omelettes are available with egg whites by request.

Anchovies Potato
Artichoke Hearts Linguisa
Avocado Lox
Bacon Mushrooms
Bell Peppers Plain and Simple
Cheese — (choice of one)
Jack, Swiss, Cheddar,American,
Fontina, Feta, Cream Cheese Rarebit Sauce
Cottage Cheese Spanish Sauce
Chili Spinach
Ham Tomato
Green Chiles Turkey
Ground Beef Zucchini

Little People's Choices

(A fried egg in the center of a piece of toast)
American Cheese Omelette w/cottage fries
3 oz. Burger on English Muffin w/cottage fries
French Toast w/One Piece of Bacon
1/2 Grilled Cheese, served w/cottage fries
1/2 Tuna Fish, served w/cottage fries
Egg In The Hole w/One Piece of Bacon

Fireman's Charbroil Burgers
Ground Sirloin on a Sourdough Roll served with Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato, and Bermuda Onion.
Choice of Potato salad or Fruit.
1/2 lb. Lean Ground Sirloin Burger
Cheese Burger with Choice of:
Swiss, Jack, American, Cheddar
With Grilled Onions,jack Cheese
With Sherry Mushrooms, Cheddar Cheese
With Green Clues, jack and Cheddar Cheese
With Bacon & Swiss Cheese
With Tomato, Bacon & Rarebit Sauce
With Tomato, Chili and Cheddar Cheese

Pullman Car Sandwiches

Vegetarian Special — — Sliced Avocado, Cream Cheese,Tomato and Sprouts, served on Whole Wheat
Vegetable Burger — With Jack Cheese, on Whole Wheat Roll
Hot Express Special — Mushrooms, Grilled Onions, Tomato and Melted Jack and Cheddar Cheese, served Open Face on Dark Rye
Shrimp — With Cream Cheese, Avocado,
Tomato and Sprouts on Whole Wheat
Smoked Salmon — Generous Portion of Salmon,
served on Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese
and Tomato, topped with Thin Slices of Onion
Tuna — Our Special Tuna Salad with Sliced Tomato and
Lettuce on Whole Wheat
Hot Welsh Rarebit — (Cheddar Sauce) Served Open Face
on English Muffin
1. With Turkey and Tomato
2. With Bacon and Tomato
3. With Shrimp,Avocado and Tomato
Roast Beef — Served Hot on Fresh Sourdough Roll
1. Grilled Onions,Jack Cheese and Tomato
2. Green Chiles, jack Cheese and Tomato
3. French Dip aujus
Roast Beef — With Lettuce and Tomato on Whole Wheat
The Club — Ham, Bacon,Turkey, Sliced Tomato and
Lettuce on Toasted Whole Wheat
Grilled Cheddar Cheese — With Tomato, served on Dark Rye
Grilled Cheddar Cheese — Choice of Ham or Bacon
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato — Served on Toasted Whole Wheat
Grilled Chicken Breast — With Cheddar Cheese,
served son Sourdough Roll
Chicken Salad — Made Fresh Daily served with
Lettuce on Whole Wheat
Fresh Baked Breast of Turkey — With Cucumbers,
Tomato and Sprouts, served on Whole Wheat
Ruben — Fresh Corned Beef, Sauerkraut and Swiss Cheese
on Dark Rye

Brakeman's Salad

Served with Santa Rosa's Fresh Baked White or Wheat Sour Dough Bread and
Choice of Dressing — Ranch,Blue Cheese, 1000 Island, Oil and Vinegar,
and OE's Greek, Nonfat Ranch and Italian Dressing.
Omelette Express Salad — Crisp Greens topped
with Ham, Turkey, Cheddar and Jack Cheese
and Fresh Vegetables
Garden Salad — Crisp Greens with
Assorted Fresh Vegetables
Greek Salad — Crisp Greens with Anchovies,
Avocado, Feta Cheese, Scallions, Egg and Tomato
Shrimp Salad — Generous portion of Shrimp with Avocado,
Egg andAsparagus atop Crisp Greens
Fruit Salad — Fresh Seasonal Fruit, served with
choice of Yogurt or Cottage Cheese
Chicken or Tuna Salad — Tomato stuffed with
Chicken or Tuna Salad, Hard-boiled Egg
on bed of Crisp Greens with Fresh Vegetables
Mexican Salad — Crisp Greens topped with
Beef or Vegetarian Chili, Avocado,Tomato,
Bell Pepper; Jack and Cheddar Cheese,
Sour Cream with Chips
Ranchers Salad — Rare Roast Beef, Bermuda Onion,
Hard-boiled Egg, Cheddar Cheese on bed of
Crisp Lettuce with Assorted Fresh Vegetables

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